Innovating By Doing Old & Obvious Things

Sometimes innovation comes from doing obvious things your competitors aren’t doing. An example is honest Q&A content in your industry – including costs, problems, shortcomings and flaws of your product or service versus others. Honest information increases trust, credibility and authority and lets consumers make their own decision based on the company that answers the most questions in the most honest and transparent fashion.

Database Marketing Works (Here’s Proof)

Database marketing can work wonders when done well:

MDR - Email Marketing Results - Mailchimp - IMAGE

Summary of Results

  • 808/820 delivery (98.5%)
  • 405/808 opened (50.1%)
  • 12/808 bounced (1.4%)
  • 1/808 unsubscribed (0.1%)

This campaign was intended to generate opens and not clicks to a website, so I am not highlighting click-through-rate as a metric.

Having 400 people read a carefully crafted message is a great marketing and communication outcome, so I am thrilled with the results of this campaign.