Database Marketing Works (Here’s Proof)

Database marketing can work wonders when done well:

MDR - Email Marketing Results - Mailchimp - IMAGE

Summary of Results

  • 808/820 delivery (98.5%)
  • 405/808 opened (50.1%)
  • 12/808 bounced (1.4%)
  • 1/808 unsubscribed (0.1%)

This campaign was intended to generate opens and not clicks to a website, so I am not highlighting click-through-rate as a metric.

Having 400 people read a carefully crafted message is a great marketing and communication outcome, so I am thrilled with the results of this campaign.


The Power of Video as an Entrepreneur (Video)



2:00 – video forces you to have a MESSAGE – a huge challenge
2:55 – questions customers ask you (FAQ’s) are perfect for videos
3:00 – video forces you to learn how to tell stories and to wrap stories around other things (concepts, ideas, answers to questions) – it’s how our brains are wired – it’s why we spend money to go to movies
4:00 – skills are transferable to business, to presenting, to having conversations with loved ones
5:00 – journey of learning to shoot videos has made him a better person

Thanks to Dan Martell for a very informative and enjoyable video!