Frustrated By Marketing? Unsure What To do Next?

Have you tried everything, and nothing seems to work?

Are you doing a random mish-mash of scattershot activity that isn’t generating results?

Do you feel frustrated because your marketing isn’t working?

I understand where you’re coming from.

You need help.

Some ideas would be great. A sounding board would be fantastic. A new set of eyes would be perfect. And someone to give you the guidance and support you need to power through challenge of making your marketing not just work, but perform to its highest potential.

Book a 60 minute consultation today and we’ll power through some of these challenges together.

I can help you: identify prospect pain points, amplify the power and persuasion of your marketing materials, and unify the focus of your messaging and communications so you can increase your, value, impact, and revenues… and decrease the risk that your business concept or idea tanks because you didn’t make the right investments in learning marketing and applying it to the areas of your business that need it most.

I’ll bring you sales, marketing, advertising and persuasion techniques that actually work, and can be implemented right away at low or no cost no matter which industry or business you’re in.

You’ll walk away with persuasive copy for new marketing documents including: web pages and advertisements, and you’ll gain clarity about which elements of your marketing are working, and why.

The end goal is equip you for success with a set of simple, easy-to-use and practical marketing tools you can start using right away to increase your value, impact and revenue.

In essence, I help you build a library of marketing strategies, tactics, and documents that actually sell.

The resources, tools and support you’ll get from me will help you formulate business and marketing strategies and translate them into tangible materials¬† practical, logical and well-organized plans, templates, tools and systems that will help you increase your impact and bring more value to more customer’s lives over a period of decades.

This increase in value and impact makes it much easier to make sense of your marketing strategies, tactics, and goals, how it all fits together, and the linkages between the parts.

With the increased clarity you’ll get about your customer groups and their biggest needs you’ll be able to easily craft persuasive marketing materials such as ads, landing/squeeze/web pages and social media updates that push their most powerful psychological and emotional hot buttons to increase your powers of persuasion.

I also cut through the the overwhelming volume of clutter, conflicting information, confusing explanations, charlatans, books and B.S. tips there to help you….

  • Simplify and clarify your thinking in and around marketing and business strategy as well as high-level, big-picture strategies vs. tactics vs. goals
  • ¬†Devise business and marketing strategies to help you elevate your value in the lives of your customers to new heights… in order to increase your impact and revenue
  • Find your highest calling that aligns directly with the biggest obvious and not-so-obvious needs of your customers so that you and your business can produce needs-based value… aka products, services and packages designed around your customer’s biggest questions, concerns, worries, doubts, frustrations and needs (both obvious and not-so-obvious)
  • Create a simple, compelling and memorable 10 second bio that expresses your customer’s biggest needs rather than your profession or title

I describe what you’ll get from me, and what I’ll help you bring to your customer’s lives, as value alchemy.

It’s a roundabout, non-linear¬† process of divergent thinking and brainstorming where we have fun riffing at the strategic level to uncover surprise insights that lead to actual breakthroughs.

But thinking without applying isn’t enough.

The true value lies not just in the thinking and creativity, but in the is practical, hands-on application of the insights produced during the first part of the process. I make it real and practical by helping you organize the information into a clear, logical and well-organized set of plans and templates that enable you to increase your speed of growth.

Here’s a video demonstration of the interactions, conversations and exchanges I have with people like you to help you formulate the business and marketing strategies, tactics, goals and thinking you’ll need to break through to the next level.

Strategy Sessions: Christropher Bright

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