Super-Specific Tactics For Increasing Website Traffic 80/20 Style

Here are some super-specific 80/20 tactics for increasing website traffic ranked by efficiency, effectiveness, enjoyment and value created.

An emphasis is placed on organic traffic tactics where output is multiplicatively greater than the required inputs of time, effort and/or money.

Most tactics for increasing organic traffic don’t make the cut… except for these.

1. Do Daily Blog & Forum Commenting – In Busy Traffic Hubs Where Your Audience Hangs Out Online

Leaving clear, concise and thoughtful comments is one of the most targeted advertising methods in history.

It demonstrates commitment, credibility and a desire to add value to the discussion – all very positive effects.

Each comment acts as a tiny advertisement and nano traffic machine, thus increasing your organic traffic in tiny trickles that flow downward into a raging stream of visitors.

Blog & Forum Commenting Actually Works: Here’s Some Data

The following images show the net increase of referral traffic from one domain for one comment left a year ago on this article by Peep Laja of Conversion XL:


When I wrote this comment my intent was to add value to the conversation by sharing an additional resource that might of interest to readers… an article.

Did it work? Was it worth the time to write the article, search on Google for related blogs and articles for commenting, and then write and submit the comment on the Conversion XL blog?

See for yourself.


In the year since i submitted that single comment it has sent me 164 highly targeted web site visitors¬† – 136 of which are new visitors who potentially wouldn’t have found my site or heard about it any other way.

Imagine what would happen if I invested the time to do a blog & forum commenting blitz of 100 comments a day for 10 days for a total of 1,000 comments.

If each comment performed as well as the one above it would have the potential to drive 136,000 new visitors to my site. Month in, month out. Year in, year out.

What a great ROI for the time I invested in writing and article and doing some blog and forum commenting.

It’s easy to get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to increase web site traffic using organic tactics.

However, if you know how traffic generation works as a system you’ll jump right in to doing the hard work that will ultimately compound on itself over time, thus creating exponential growth.

Blog and forum commenting is a multiplicative activity that builds sustainable organic web site traffic – for real.

I’ve coined a term for how many visitors each blog and forum comment will generate on average…. it’s called Organic Traffic Factor.

In other words – how many monthly organic web site visitors will you get from each comment submitted, on average?

Let’s do the math to calculate organic traffic factor.

100 comments/day submitted to other blogs and forums, on average ( seems high, I know, but at 1 minute per comment it would take exactly 100 super-focused minutes)
5 visitors/month for per comment submitted, on average

= increased organic web site traffic (highly targeted visitors) of 500 per month

Unlike other traffic methods such as YouTube videos, blog and forum commenting enables you to leverage the promotional work other blogs, forums and online communities are already doing to increase their own traffic.

Doing a YouTube video is great, but if nobody ever finds it via search then the work is wasted… especially if you could have been using other promotional methods such as blog and forum commenting that would have multiplied your productivity for generating organic traffic.

I’ve made a case for doing blog and forum commenting based on my own experience as well as the data I’ve collected.

But commenting on its own is obviously not enough.

I’ll add other methods as I gain solid data about their effectiveness.

For now, my money and time are on producing 100 comments a day that generate 5 visitors each per month. That means each day I execute I’m growing my website traffic by 500 people per month.

Not a bad day at the office!




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