Website Traffic Generation as a System

Website traffic generation is a system.

It has inputs and outputs.

The inputs are time or money.

The output is revenue.

For you, the big question is: which specific traffic generation methods should you use?

One way to answer that question is to do an 80/20 traffic generation analysis to answer the following questions:

1. Which 20% of traffic building methods will generate the most traffic the fastest?

2. Which 20% of the 20% of traffic generation methods will produce the most traffic in the shortest period of time?

The answers will vary across industries and niches, so there isn’t a single ‘silver bullet’ answer I can give you.

One thing is for sure – all traffic generation methods that are worth doing will cost large amounts of time and/or money.

Some methods work better or faster than others. Some techniques are more sustainable over the long term than others and will pay bigger dividends on your initial investment of time or money.

If you don’t love doing the tactical execution required to generate traffic you should have deep pockets to pay a team of other people to do the work for you 24/7/365.

I go into plenty of detail about specific 80/20 traffic generation methods in other posts on this blog, so have a look in the archives, categories and popular posts to find the information that’s most interesting, relevant and valuable for you.

Look for more posts on this blog to cover the topic of website traffic generation as a system from multiple angles.

I personally searched for this topic because I wanted to find out if other people had thought about traffic generation from a systems-thinking perspective.

Surprisingly, no one has… despite the presence of 2.14 billion web sites for every imaginable niche, industry and interest.

There are still topics no one has covered yet on the Internet.

It amazes me.

A quick Google search for: “traffic generation as a system” revealed zero results.


That was the spark I needed to start typing.

Here’s the thing.

I love traffic. I’m passionate about it.

It’s such a multi-faceted and interesting topic.

You might not agree, but that’s OK.

That’s why I can be a great resource for you.

As an intensely curious and passionate individual I love reading traffic-related articles, absorbing and synthesizing ideas from some of the smartest minds in traffic generation, applying what I’ve learned on my own site and social platforms, and sharing the super-specific data, results and actionable insights I discover.

I share these things through all of my channels including this blog.

You’re somebody who’s motivated to take real action on your traffic generation goals.

Perhaps you’re ready for a sustainable 2X, 5X, 10X or 20X increase in your organic referral traffic.

Does this sound like you? Great.

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments!

Your Thoughts on Traffic Generation as a System

Which 1-2 traffic generation methods are actually working for you?

Write a 2-3 line comment below with your ideas, and then tweet out the following:

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4 thoughts on “Website Traffic Generation as a System

  1. Kevin Strasser

    What is working for me is a simple two step process:

    1. Work aggressively on growing my Twitter audience. I am doing B2B marketing and in my view Twitter is easily the best place. So that is where my focus is. I get over 200 new targeted followers per week to an account that already has a decent sized audience (and very targeted one).
    2. Produce great content and share great content.

    My Twitter references to our site outweigh everything else by a large number — including Google.

    1. Dan Hodgins Post author

      Sounds like Twitter is working well for you Kevin!

      I like to think of traffic generation as a system. Sounds like you’re doing this already with your content plus Twitter strategy.

      Generating targeted traffic can be done in a number of ways.

      What is your daily and weekly output in terms of content pieces and tweets?

      Just curious about how much work you’re actually doing on a consistent basis, and of what exact type, to produce your results.


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  3. Nathan Barnett

    I think that what’s necessary for a lot of folks is to actually measure results and focus on ROI. Bigger companies have social media teams and search experts and pay attention to large scale analytics. But the average smaller business doesn’t have any of this expertise onboard and can’t usually justify the expense of this expertise. So they try a random approach to traffic generation. They try email marketing and content marketing and search ads and even buying likes and everything in between. But they don’t pay attention to return on investment. They don’t have any real analytics in place to see that search ads work great for this property, but email or social media works better for this one. So what they end up doing is shelling out for a bit of everything based on intuition rather than hard data. Measuring this in at least a semi-scientific way and analyzing it and focusing marketing dollars to what works for your niche is an approach that more companies out to be doing, but they just don’t know any better and are too busy to learn.

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